Q: ) Do I get certified if I take your course?
A:) Certification Disclaimer: At this time we are not aware of:
Any state that certifies, licenses, tests your competency, or governs your education, knowledge or skill in body piercing.

Some states may require proper sterilization education and practices (Standard OSHA requirements), and some locales may impose zoning requirements for body piercing, and/or a business license to operate just like any other business operating in that locale, or age requirements for minors/parental consent . . . but the procedure of actually performing a body piercing on another person is not regulated or certified by any governing or ruling body anywhere.

For the above reasons it is very important that you self-educate yourself in the skill, techniques, and knowledge of body piercing. The video clinic tutorials will be a huge asset in showing you the “a-b-c’s of body piercing.

Since there is no certification for body piercing, you can turn that from a negative to a positive. Tell your clients that you practice sterilization to OSHA Standards (of coarse, you must do that) and have completed their training and testing which will take you part of one afternoon. Since there is no certification, that means your competitors are probably NOT practicing proper procedures, and you can point that out to your clients.

If you follow the body piercing video training you will be “educated” in body piercing – you will know how, what, when, and where . . . your competency depends on your skills and their development over time. This is exactly how Debbie and I got to where we are in the body piercing industry, and frankly, this is how most people got there too – by viewing and doing! Learning from your mistakes, correcting any mistakes or shortcomings, and doing it again and again.

Q:) If I am new to body piercing, where should I start with your training?
A: ) The best place to start is with the video series Fast Start to the Fundamentals of Body Piercing. You will obtain an comprehensive knowledge of the things you need to know before you ever pick up a needle. These will teach you the basics of body piercing. I can’t tell you how irritating it is for someone to come into the studio and ask for an apprenticeship and not even know the simple things of body piercing such as the gauges of jewelry and what jewelry goes with what piercing. The Fast Start to the Fundamentals of Body Piercing is a must have.

Q: ) Why can’t I get a DVD of the training?
A:) Each video clinic a is divided into video clips of various lengths of duration. Each video clip is only long enough to demonstrate each teaching point. Since the clips are straight to the point, it is never necessary to scroll through a long video to find a specific clip you want.

The body piercing training videos are created in streaming video format so we can instantly update the videos when new techniques and information is available, you can access them 24/7 from anywhere in the world with Internet access, we can quickly add more instructional streaming videos, and they cannot be lost, stolen or misplaced since they are safely stored on our server. When we did provide them in DVD format they were ordered and reproduced by foreigners as their own work and resold on auction sites.